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moody ps

I've just realised that if I didn't have a couple of fused vertebrae and a spinal curvature I'd  be a little taller than I am right now. *pouts*

My back hurts.

Women who wear high-heeled shoes are loud and annoying. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. SHHHHH, lady!

If your boss is such a bastard that you will run in front of moving cars to catch a tram on time, it's time to get a new job. It ain't worth it, matey. You don't *need* to own your own home, you just need a roof over your head and renting will get you that. Can't take it with you when you go, and if you run in front of traffic like that again, you may go sooner than you think.

I both can't wait for the Christmas shutdown, and can't wait until Christmas is over. Stupid Christmas. *pouts again*

I am very, very tired. I wish I had a teleporter to get me home to my bed. *cries*


Christmas = insanity.
9am - 3.30pm just spent Christmas shopping.
Made my bank account go boom.
Now I can't be bothered getting it out of the car because that will mean wrapping it all and our RidgyxBullmastiff can't stand the suspense of unwrapped presents so I often find myself re-wrapping.
Sorry about making so much noise with heels :(
Hope your back feels better. Also the natural enemy of Christmas shopping. I thank Mersyndol today for allowing 6.5hrs of shopping without my back deciding enough was enough and departing my body for somewhere kinder.

Sending you teleportation vibes. **squeezes eyes really tight and hard**
Did it work?
*sigh* Christmas seems to bring out the worst of the shallowness and greed of people, it's very depressing. I did most of my shopping online, thankfully, but it still costs $$$. And I'll still need to broach a supermarket before the day. Eeek.

Sorry about making so much noise with heels :(

Heh. I was really tired that morning, and I had two women in heels walking down LaTrobe St in front of and behind me on the way to work, and they made an enormous clatter... I don't handle noises very well when I'm that tired (and I'm talking about the kind of over-tired that has two-year-olds on their backs in the supermarket, screaming and kicking their feet.)

Where would we be without painkillers and anti-inflammatories? Glad you survived without turning into a jelly-Narelle.

Unfortunately, you need to work on your telekinesis. Still had to tram it home.