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ice queen


I baked and it turned out okay! Gluten-free baking ... not as hard as you'd think. Bah. Who needs your stinkin' wheat? Not me, with my peanut butter cookies and Brazilian Pao de Queijo (Cheese Balls). Neither will my workmates, as there's no way I could possibly eat all of that. Half day tomorrow for Christmas Eve! Then 11 days off. \o/

(I apologise for making no effort to photograph the cookies et al in a more attractive manner ... I'm too damn tired, and hey, it's not like you can eat 'em, anyway... which is a shame, cos they're yummy!) Oh, yeah. The first two pics obviously are neither cookies nor cheese balls. They're just pics I took the other day. Eh.


Mmm, looks yummy, especially those peanutbutter cookies! I love pretty much anything smothered in peanutbutter :-)
Heh. I love peanut butter too. They've been quite popular in the office this morning, but they are very sweet (they're just peanut butter, sugar, baking powder & an egg) so you can't eat lots without being sick.
*snitches a peanut butter cookie and runs away*
Hee! Plenty to go around!
i can has a cheeseball?
Open your mouth! *throws cheeseball at Sham's mouth*