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Man, I love holidays. Never enough.


A few snaps on my crappy camera phone at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) and the first one is from the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts). I went to the gallery with Suzette on Monday, and decided to take out a yearly membership to encourage me to go more often. andricongirl, you'll have to come with me - we can look at stuff, then nap and drink free coffee in the members' lounge before looking at more stuff. Come on, - I know you like stuff! And you can bring your camera, and watch me cry with jealousy! Hmm, I need to buy myself a tripod.

I'm currently waiting for the courier to deliver my Sunday Afternoon Internet Impulse Buy (tm) - a hammock with a stand. Hey, it was only $99.95 with free delivery if ordered by midnight Sunday!  Mmmm, hammock. :drools:

Hey, thanks to carrieross and sapote3 for the xmas cards which arrived yesterday. Aw, carrieross - you remembered my favourite colour is green! (And no, you didn't give me the same card as last year.) 

Paris Hilton has a lookalike - now, that's just embarassing. To be the lookalike of someone who is famous for just existing? That's even more worthless than Hilton herself.

The Israeli military creates its own Youtube channel. Jeez, that's just shameful. Here, watch us crush the Gaza with overwhelming might! Watch us kill large amounts of innocents with our vastly superior forces. Nice.


Photos FTW! Excellent stuff. :)

If you take me a nifty photo of the Henry Moore in the NGV, I'll give you a Chuppachup. ;D
:D Thanks!

Hmm, I'll see what I can do. For the record, I prefer Cherry or Watermelon ChupaChups!
You have such a talent for artistic photos! I'm always lame when I focus on a subject!

I'm relieved that 1.my card arrived 2.it's not the same one as last year. I had that heavy feeling of an already lived scene (Eng?) and I'm glad I was wrong.
Aw, thank you! I love photography.

Deja vu, eh? I hate it when that happens - you can never really be sure whether you're remembering a real event, or whether it's just deja vu.