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ice queen

My New Year's Resolution

Day 1:

I've decided to take a leaf from meneathiel</lj>'s book and start a camera project - taking at least one photograph every day this year (and post them to LJ). I took this on the way back to the car after seeing Vicky Cristina Barcelona at the Nova with Annie. (The movie also made me nostalgic for my analogue SLR, and black & white film, so I'm going to get back into some of that, too.)

Anyway, we watched the movie, then came back home for faux-beef stroganoff for dinner, while I got Annie into watching Rabbit Fall. Now we're *both* desperate for Season 2. Damn, I wish I could find it for download! If anyone comes across it, pleasepleaseplease let me know!


Very cool! But what is it? Industrial gingerbread man?
Heh. Every time I see it, I can imagine hearing it: "Noooo! Don't drive over me!"

I think it's a novel idea for a bollard - when it's upright, it would block people from driving through.