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Okay, so now I feel bad...

Back in Melbourne after surprise visit to my family ... great to see them all again, but kind of weird to think I'll probably never be back before to Tasmania (as the fam are planning to move back to Brisbane).

The taxi driver didn't mind having a cat in the car at all, but judging by the taxi traffic controller at the airport, many would have refused. Dion didn't make a sound the entire way, and has been hiding under my bed since she got out of her cage. My bed is pretty low to the ground, too. Just tried to entice her out with some food, but no dice. She's either still mad at me, still totally freaked out, or not feeling good after the flight. Makes me feel so mean for putting her through it. 

Got to spend a few hours with Arwen yesterday, which was great. She's still planning to come and visit. 

I'm incredibly tired now, but I'm afraid to lie on my bed in case it causes Dion any discomfort. I don't think it would, given the kind of bed it is, but it still worries me. I don't feel I can settle until she comes out at least for a minute or two. Sigh. Back to work tomorrow, and I just want to sleep for a week.


poor Dion, i hope she settles in soon
yeah, poor bub. i suppose she will settle in, but i feel so crappy taking her away from her floor-to-ceiling windows, and the family. i'm sure she'd like to see you again, when she's settled and you're feeling better!
It's so incredible for someone living in the other part of the world (Italy, you got it well), to read of Tasmania and Australia... I still have to get used to have such a far friend... far in that sense, of course!

Dion has a very feminine aspect. She looks so vain!

Also, I'm working on a surprise for you, to thank you for the upload of the movie (and the other stuff you're uploading *blushes*). I hope you'll like it.
Heh, now you have someone to visit if you ever come to Australia! It's a pity I didn't know you when I went to Italy last October!

I love my kitty, she's so cute! You can tell she's a girl cat, can't you!

Oooh! surprises! I like surprises! I'm looking forward to being able to share some more things very soon! I like sharing as much as I like surprises!
I finished working on it, now all I need is time at home (I'm currently at work, but here my server doesn't allow me to update) to post it.

I'm so curious... *g* I read of screencaps you made for Viv and I'd like to know if... I may be interested!

Also, too bad when you came to Italy we didn't know each other! I hope you liked my country (well, how can you say no, I didn't to an Italian asking you?! LOL)

Speaking of Australia, I was stunned as just yesterday, a few days after knowing the first Australian gal of my life, that is you, a cousin of mine and his family went visiting my family from Perth where they were born and live. It was totally out of the blue and he was in Italy for the first time after almost 20 years!
Yay! Surprises!

Heh. I just uploaded some caps of the tie from the Shai clip. And of course, you are welcome to anything I post! I have just uploaded all my shai caps for you (I haven't worked on them at all, it's just basic caps...) - they are here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kv9vzd

I only went to Venice and Florence, and only for one night in each place - I loved Florence, and I liked parts of Venice, but parts of it made me very sad.

It's funny, isn't it? It's a big old world, but sometimes it seems so small, too!
Poor kitty! Is she better now?
she hid under the bed all night, woke me around 4am by scratching in the litter tray. she jumped up on the bed briefly before going back to hide. she came out again this morning for a little while, but i guess it'll just take a few days before she feels fully comfortable. poor thing. hello to the guilt! damn catholic upbringing!