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ice queen

FINALLY ONE OF SHEPPARD'S SUICIDE MISSIONS SUCCEEDS!!! He hung in there and he got to die heroically at the end. Awww. That was a fun episode. The crew must have had a blast doing something different to the usual. Especially the editor! I actually hate the CSI shows (it's one of my guilty fandom secrets) so I was a teensy bit concerned when I heard this was dubbed 'CSI:Atlantis', but it was heaps of fun! Also, Rodney is a god. And I had to laugh at an actor applying humanoid prosthetics over his wraith prosthetics in order to look human again.

And tonight I made an awesome gluten & corn-free vego lasagne again with the rice noodle sheets. It was so yummy Sandy went back for thirds. Boys and their appetites! Where the hell do they fit it all???

For some reason the cat broke with tradition today and let me sleep until 11. Now It's 2am and I'm wide awake. Wouldn't be a problem except tomorrow  (today, I guess) is my last day of my break, so I should really force myself to get up early so I can get a proper night's sleep before going back to work on Monday. I.Don't.Wanna.
. Also, WTF is with LJ and LJ-cuts lately? And by 'lately', I mean the last few months?


Oh, that sounds yummy! Recipe?
Man, it was so yummy! You wouldn't have to worry about special 'lasagne' sheets, but I use these sheets of Chinese rice noodle as I'm gluten & corn intolerant, and all the gluten-free lasagne sheets are made of corn...

Anyway, the key to a great lasagne is using Garlic-Roast Pumpkin as the bottom layer. I cut the pumpkin into thinnish slabs and bake it for half an hour with some olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic peeled and thrown on the tray. The smell/taste of the garlic permeates the pumpkin, and you can throw the caramelised cloves of garlic into the lasagne, too.

I cheated for the tomato sauce layer - I used a bottle of pasta sauce, a very simple one (tomato & herbs). I sauteed a chopped onion and julienned zucchini in olive oil, threw in some pinenuts, added some chopped silverbeet & grated nutmeg, then added the pasta sauce and a clove of crushed garlic.

I did a layer of pumpkin covered with sauce, then rice sheet, then a layer of grilled mushroom covered with sauce, another rice sheet, more mushroom covered with sauce, then a final rice sheet before topping with bechamel/cheese sauce and cheese. I made the bechamel myself, melt butter on the stove, remove from heat, stir in flour (potato flour for me!) return to stove and cook for a couple of minutes, then add milk bit by bit to create sauce. When ready, throw in some parmesan or pecorino (I used pecorino, the sheep's milk version of parmesan). Pour the bechamel over the lasagne, cover with extra parmesan/pecorino and some grated cheddar and bake for around half an hour, or until brown on top ... god, it was tasty!