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ice queen

Project:365, Day 4


Playing around, and learning to not be afraid to revisit a subject.

Also, I feel like crap. I sincerely hope it's just the after-effects of a really crappy night's sleep and that I'll be fine tomorrow. Blargh.


What is that first picture of? I really like it.
Heh, yay! That was experimenting in Paintshop Pro. Normally I only use PSP to adjust the curves, or the brightness/contrast, but this time I mucked around with other tools. I took a photo of my new necklace on a white background (the necklace is a pair of black swallows joined at the beak). I was trying to see how to erase/blank over the necklace chain, and was playing with various tools. That's using the clone feature, and scrubbing over the image. I like the effect!
Happy New Year Riley!
Hope you had a good one.
Going back to work. No comment.
PS: Love the artwork! I'm so non-arty I'm in awe of those with that natural ability.
Thanks very much! I'm not so sure about the 'natural ability', though. I failed Art in Grade 8. I can't draw, paint or sculpt. I was useless until I found photography. No fine motor skills.

Anyway, you're a dancer - that's a part of the arts!

I had a great week and a half off, back at work at the moment but it's okay. Until I win the lotto (and man, I really need to start buying tickets!) this is how my life must be. And it's not so bad.