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I'm sick. Not hangover-sick, sick-sick. With the dizziness and the stomach bug. I've just rung work, so I think I'm going to sleep on the daybed and watch Season 1 Bones which Alana bought yesterday. ::whimpers::



Because it's in caps it's an order, those germs will be packing their bags before you know it.

*makes you cup of healing tea*
My germs are as bad with authority as I am, I'm afraid. Appreciate the thought, though! Still feel not so good, but I'm not puking or speaking tongues, so it's all good.
Ugh, that's what I had at Christmas time. Wonder if it's doing the rounds of the world (given the volume of international travel these days it's not impossible). It if is, you have (based on Guy and I) 2 days of very ickiness and then it improves.

What do you given vegetarians as soup when they are sick? Clearly not chicken.

Feeling lots better, mainly tired but that could be due to not getting enough sleep!

Heh. Well, I actually drank fake-chicken stock powder, mixed with hot water.

If I have the ingredients, I like lettuce soup when I'm sick: a grated potato, a grated onion, shredded lettuce, salt & pepper. Cooked in water for half an hour, add a splash of milk. Perfect sick food.