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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 9

Minor camera malfunction today - wouldn't work when I went to use it, it occurred to me that maybe the memory card wasn't it place correctly, so I removed and replaced it and it came good. It did mean I missed some pics, though.

Very tired today - my mobile went off at 1.30am, some woman speaking a foreign language who didn't seem to understand "wrong number" and kept ringing. I couldn't turn off my phone, because it's my alarm, so I just kept rejecting her call until she left me a voicemail in a language I don't understand. By that stage I was well and truly awake, and found it hard to getting to sleep... especially since I had been having trouble falling asleep before she started calling. Anyway, I'm overtired now, and quite out of sorts so I'm gonna curl up in bed with some SGA on very low.