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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 10 & 11

Had a bbq yesterday evening for dinner (wish you'd been there? You should check out the faux-meat kebabs we made - you can find them here. You'll really regret not being here then!) The day 10 photo is from then - that's Fish, aka Lily, former housemate. Second photo is from lunch today at Trotters. Stupid cafes and their lack of vegetarian gluten-free options. Also, worst chai ever. Ew. Not getting enough sleep lately, so a bit dazed this afternoon. Tried out the hammock (with its own stand) that I bought last week. Best purchase ever, I do believe. Took me right back to the womb, only with less icky substances. Soothing. Brained myself putting it together yesterday, though. I think I gave myself a light concussion. Oh, well. Nothing leaked out. Am somewhat behind on LJ, but did see that andricongirl has started her own project 365, which makes me excited. Yay for more photos! Oh, and I do want to pass on some excellent info I received from sapote3 - if you have your alarm set on your mobile phone and you turn the phone off, the phone will turn itself back on to wake you. I tested it - it's true! Weird and a little disturbing, but handy for when strange foreigners ring you and won't take 'wrong number' for an answer! I'm off to bed, hope you're all doing well. Will try to catch up on replies and so on tomorrow. Nighty-night, sweet peas!


glad your brains didnt leak out .

maybe next day you have free we can go shoot some more piccies
me too. i needs my brains.

friday??? i'm only working until lunch time...
sounds good, could meet up for lunch then go shoot some stuff ..
though just need to check if I'm free as nelly is in town i think , not sure what day I'm meeting up with her or what she's is doing . was going to take her to some shopping things
Been enjoying your pics! The kebaps look good, what are they made of, bean? Tofu?
Thanks! The kebabs were soooo yummy. Really good cold the next day, too. The beef ones are made purely from soybeans. You buy them in bags, dehydrated, and soak/marinate them to make them soft. They actually have been a big hit with our meat-eating friends. We use them in stir fries and Stroganoff, too.

The fake duck is a combination of soy and another kind of starch ... root vegetable based, I think. According to friends who have eaten duck, it's quite convincing in flavour. These are all Buddhist fake meat products, I believe, and attention has really been paid to the texture & flavour - unlike Australian meat substitutes, which are almost all gluten-based and only a few of which taste anything like the real thing.