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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 13 & 14

Day 13

Day 13
Day 14

Heidi & Thomas
Day 14

Good day, today. The heat broke, and it's back to tolerable levels. Got a call out of the blue from ex-colleague, Charlie, who was in the neighbourhood for a job interview. She'll be working around the corner from my work. Only worked half a day today, as I'd arranged the afternoon off to go to the airport to catch up with my friends, Thomas & Heidi, over from Germany to visit family. They were only in Melbourne for 3 hours, after dropping off the campervan and before catching the plane to Hobart. Really, really great to catch up with them, didn't feel like 3 years had passed. Can't wait to go visit them back in Germany again. Hopefully when I do I'll be able to catch one of their productions - they are puppeteers. Actually, I might upload one of the shows they did in Tasmania that I filmed for them - I reckon you'll all enjoy!


Okay, seriously, where are you finding all the awesome stuff you take photos of? I mean really? I live in the same city as you, and I barely recognise a quarter of the stuff you photograph.

By the way, that top photo is really cool.
Heh. Thanks!

She's on Queen St. I took a bunch more pics of her today, in different lighting. I only took the one photo the other day because my memory card was full, and I wanted to try different shots, especially in different lighting conditions. I like her alot!
Queen St. Hmmm. I never end up on that side of town. But she is gorgeous.
I took four more pics of her today, in totally different light. They're here if you wanna take a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rileyo
Oh, wow. I adore the close up photo. Very awesome.
Lovely pics!

Send some heat my way? It's freaking cold here...

Oh, you can have it all. I'd rather be freaking cold!
oh nice headressey thing .
Isn't she cool? I only took the one photo of her the other day, as my memory card was full, but I went back this morning and got more, in different lighting conditions, too.