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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 17 ... and then some.

Yep, it's summer here. If you didn't already know by the sunshine and the warmth, a glimpse of any fruit 'n' veg shop would clue you in. The plums at the end are my pick of Day 17.  Didn't eat any plums today, but we did use peaches to make a spicy sauce for the vegetarian (faux) goose (foose!), and we had blueberry clafoutis for dessert. I HAVE THE BEST HOUSEMATE EVER.


You do have the best housemate! Mine just used to EAT my food (without replacing it), not make anything delicious for us both to enjoy.

And your photos are great. I look forward to one each day. Thanks.
Heh - I know what it's like with those kinds of housemates! We had the same situation in the last house we shared, where we also lived with two others. We stopped buying proper food because the other housemate would eat it all, and it was costing a fortune. Still cost too much, anyway, as we always had to buy lunch since we couldn't pre-cook anything to take with us that wouldn't get eaten. My current housemate, though? Awesome. And has totally embraced gluten-free cooking since I gave up gluten. She's the best.

And thanks for your kind words about the photos!
nom nom
Heh - so, were you referring to the photo subjects, or the menu for last night's dinner? (Tonight we had Vietnamese rice paper rolls, made in part from the leftovers from last night!)
I wish you could! Tonight we had Vietnamese rice paper rolls, made using some of the leftovers from last night, with some fresh additions. Mmmmm. We also finished off the blueberry clafoutis, with a little more of the vanilla bean and elderflower ice cream. YUM.