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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 19 (yesterday)

Originally uploaded by rileyo

You know, 38 degrees C is one thing, but the 35kph winds? Totally unnecessary.

Also, why do so many people think 350 is an odd number? Got stopped again by a pedestrian who'd been walking up and down the footpath outside my office, completely unable to work out why he couldn't find number 350. My office is located at 341 - across the road from 350, as - of course - streets are even one side, odd the other.


i like yer space man ;]

I'm hoping for the cool change they BOM predicted, I need to go to the PO but amd putting it off as long as possible just incase it does cool down, i have until 5 to catch the mail so fingers crossed
spaceman is cooool.

bah. bom says it's 40 at the moment. thank god for office air-conditioning. hope the change comes through before i have to head home.
Very cool spaceman!
Have you seen the website that has all of the close up Lego pics?
How you coping in the heat?
Oh, according to BOM there's some storms coming through too.
I have a BOM addiction...
BOM is the bomb! I love to keep an eye on what's coming up, weatherwise.
I haven't seen that, I should look it up.
I'm very glad the office is air-conditioned. We don't have it at home. We keep the blinds closed during the day - it's not *too* bad, except my room keeps the heat, so it's not much fun trying to sleep. Hate the wind, especially - blowing all the plane tree pollen down the street here. Really hoping the southwesterlies come through before 5, so I don't have to PT home in this.
I'll get the link for you re Lego off my bus partner. It's great examples of micro photography.
Cool-ish change should have hit the city now. Not looking so good with the wind though.
Long live BOM! Even if the forecasts are really only good for one day in advance.
During a recent interview they were asked what was done with the $15 million of upgrades, the response, "We got a bigger window". At least the senior forecaster has a sense of humour!

Great stuff! Thanks for the link!