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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 21

creepy family bbq
Originally uploaded by rileyo


"Look how cute da bambino is! Won't you eat him? EAT OUR PROGENY!"
Hahaha! So creepy!
Ooooo, is that icon from when he was on Good News Week?

Yes! As is this one. :)

And this one. :D
Very, VERY cool :)
Paul McDermott and Jensen Ackles on the one screen, should happen more often!
Is that meant to make you want to eat them more or less?
You can't eat a baby sausage... It's sucking on a dummy! And leaving it an orphan is equally as cruel. Whoever thought up this marketing campaign needs to go back and think about these implications.
Does today's weather feel like that day last year when everything went crazy?
Haha! I know! Back in Launceston there was this chicken restaurant called Charcoal Chicken. They used an animated chicken wearing a corset and fishnets to advertise the restaurant. What the hell kind of person can watch a sexy cartoon chicken and think, "Hmm, now I'm hungry!" I really don't understand the carnivore who likes to anthropomorphise their food. CREEPY!

Which day that went crazy are you thinking of?
The mindset is all very disturbing.

The crazy day is the one where the wind was 100kmph, trees falling down, trains not going... hang on, trains not going is pretty much every other day.
Check out BOM. One set of storms coming from the NW and a second rain band coming in from the SW. Hmmmm, interesting.
No rain yet :-(

I'd really like some - see what you can do, would you?
Oh, that's right! That was crazy. Today was nasty, too.