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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 22.

melbourne summer
Originally uploaded by rileyo

Yep: shorts, thongs, 35 degrees C and 50kph wind (that's 31mph to you non-metric weirdos - and faster than the speed limit in many suburban streets!). Forgot to take my camera when I went to the market to buy lunch, and couldn't bring myself to leave the office again, except when I needed to blacken my lungs, so this is my photo of today - taken on smoko. Today also marks my ma's 66th birthday. As Alana put it, only 600 more years until she's the devil. Of course, if she were to live another 600 years, I'd be suspecting some kind of dark intervention...

Oh, and while most of you flisters are experiencing the joys of snow, I thought I'd share with you the Australian summer version: pollen drifts.

pollen drifts
That's the pollen from the Plane trees that grow all through the CBD - called Sycamores in the US, I believe - which give me and 5 of my colleagues really horrible hayfever. 6 months of the year, I live on Telfast.


I was itchy the entire day and felt like I had a sandbox full of dirt in my eyes. Ack.
Happy Birthday to ya Maaaa. Sorry, have to say that like a gypsy piker from Snatch.
Have you looked at BOM for this week? WAH! I've taken the week off work, which is actually somewhat unfortunate, as I don't have air-conditioning at home.
Well if you are Eltham way and need a dip in a pool let me know! Granted it's a 3m inflatable pool but it's still cool. We are going to try and get through the 1000-odd games on the arcade machine on one of those nights that we know will be unbearable to sleep.
*laughs at Alana*
My ma laughed, too. Probably a sinister laugh ...