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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 23 & Day 24

V and balloons
Originally uploaded by rileyo

Day 23 - This is V, one of my bosses, having fun balloon-wrangling at the end of our campaign launch yesterday.

Day 24 - Watercolour

Heaps of other pics up at flickr, including hot air balloons and lots of nice pics from our trip to Poynton's plant nursery at Essendon today.


Love the V picture.

People are so interesting to take. Sadly, anyone I ever point a camera at runs like the wind.

As the only Aussie I know. Happy Australia Day!!! *Throws confetti*

Re: Love the V picture.

Thanks! Yeah, I rarely take pictures of people because they pull faces, or cover up, and ruin the shot. I've had a few good shots lately, though - people who have just let me take it without wincing.

Thank you again! We had a non-traditional version of the traditional Australia Day (aka Invasion Day) BBQ - fake meat kebabs. There were so many I thought I'd have to eat kebab leftovers all week, but everyone stuffed themselves. And still had room for trifle!