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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 28

Originally uploaded by rileyo

Albie & Corey
Went to see a preview of Milk tonight with Albie & Corey (pictured above) - what a great film. If you get the chance to see it, don't miss out. The preview was sponsored by the local GLBTI community radio station, Joy FM, and they provided a guest speaker to introduce. Very interesting night. It must be said, though - the 70s were a terrifying decade for fashion. So many scary moustaches ... and even scarier pants. And getting down to the cinema in 43 degree heat was very unpleasant. My head was pounding just waiting for the tram. I just do not cope in this kind of weather - and we have another two days of 43 degrees ... and it doesn't get below the high twenties at night, either. I feel so bad for my poor cat, with her little fur coat. If only air con wasn't so bad for the environment :-(


Oh, the cinema was lovely and cool. I wish I could live in it, and throw all the other patrons out.