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out like a light_by slayground

oh dear god

I've decided to buy a portable air conditioner. We've avoided them in the past, as they're not good for the environment, but the weather is beyond a joke. I'm also getting quite concerned for my old cat. Yesterday and today both topped at 44 degrees Celcius (111 degrees Fahrenheit), and while we've had the fans running, and the blinds pulled down, the heat has really built up inside the house and she's looking really ragged. I actually took her into the bathroom this afternoon and scooped water over her head. It's so hard to know what to do, to cool a cat down. I mean, I'm horribly uncomfortable, my head's been pounding all afternoon despite cold showers and drinking plenty of water, but she's wearing a fur coat! The poor little tyke looks so unhappy. Anyway, I've decided to get one on Saturday, so that we can use it on days which get over 35 - well, the plan is to use them in the evenings on those days to try to cool off the sleeping areas. My room in particular is the hottest in the house, and sleep is impossible in this weather. I figure if we stick to only using it on those days we'll be limiting the damage we do to the environment while also keeping the cat comfortable and getting re-acquainted with sleep. Aaaah, that would be nice.

 Hey, those of you in colder climes - cool me off by telling me of what it's like in your neck of the woods right now. Let me live vicariously!


you could try putting some ice packs wrpped in towels down for her somewhere thats cool to sleep perhaps ? maybe get a few of those gel filed type ones or even just freeze some plastic bottles of water and use those ?

im hating it, and i dont have to go out in the sun either
oooh, there's an idea. I've got a gel filled one in the fridge, I'll go try that.

argh, another day of it :-(
agh indeed ;[
still another week of over 30 as well
It's -3.3 c and the wind is blowing mightily. Yesterday it was like four degrees and pouring down rain all day. And only after reading these entries do I appreciate that as a good thing.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, -3.3 ... that would be bliss! Rain! RAIN! How I miss you! A wind that is cold! Oh, nothing could be finer than to be in (North) Carolina in the morning!

It's 4am and 27c (outside, anyway). I managed to sleep for 2 hours in my room before I felt like my brain was cooking and I moved to the lounge room. I think I got half an hour on the daybed. I stuck my head under the shower, and soaked a handtowel for my legs and a face washer for my forehead. I'm now going to memorise your description and repeat it to myself until I fall asleep.
You know that song too? God, American culture reaches far and wide.
I was once at a Church Camp Weekend where they pumped that song over all the loudspeakers at 6:15 in the morning. Every morning.

I sincerely did not know it was possible to live that those temperatures. At least, without a basement. Maybe you should have a basement?
Heh. It certainly does. I think it used to be on a commercial when I was younger. For tea? Or maybe biscuits? Something. That Church Camp sounds like a breeding ground for atheists.

Ha! I would go make a start on digging up the backyard to make a basement, but I fear it's too damn hot.
Shame, poor wee kitteh. *sends her some nice cold milk*
kitty thanks you for the milk!
OMG you poor thing :-( My big furball cat would curl up in the porcelain sink and then lick at the faucet every now and then to cool his tongue. I think you're right to go with the air conditioner though, that heat is just not frigging safe!
I agree about the not safe bit! It's 4am at the moment. I got about 2 hours of sleep in my room before I had to leave it - I felt like my brain was cooking in my skull. Kitty has thrown up on the lounge room rug and gone to sleep under the computer chair in my room. I'm going to take a cold pack in and see if she'll sleep near it. We have another day of this, then Saturday is meant to get to 35. I don't know how effective the portable air conditioning units will be in this house, but I have to try something.
Rome doesn't have a rough climate, but it's still winter and these days it's abou 3 C during the night and maybe 10 C the maximum temperature at daytime. It's sunny today, but overall this is being one of the most rainy winters of the latest ten years. I read of your terribly temp and I just can't figure it! Every time you talk about the weather, I tell you I can't cope with us living in such opposite situations! I must be dumb!
Oh, how I wish it would rain here! We are in drought, our dams are only 33% full. The weather people are saying there is a chance of storms tonight, but they never seem to be right in predicting rain. We haven't had any for ages. Oh, how I long for winter!
That's really sweet and thoughtful of you. Your cat has a great mama. :)

Wetting her down will help, and making sure she has water available to her at all times is vital. And if you've got fans, maybe aim one where she likes to sleep.
Well, I have a great cat! She has water in two rooms, and we have 3 fans running, but she doesn't like them being directed at her. I wet a tea-towel and froze it, and laid it out next to her, hoping it would radiate some cold. It's still damp, but not frozen anymore, and last I checked she was stretched out next to it with her legs draped over it. Ohhh, so hot still. I think I'll go ring around now to make sure the place I was going to buy the air conditioner has them in stock for tomorrow.
As much as I hate air conditioners and love the heat, I've had to fire ours up. Only when it gets really hot, it stops working. It's an old split system and the heater part of it stops working when it's really cold and the air con stops when it's really hot. So it's not all that useful. But even just to get a half hour of cooler air in the house helps.
The portables are usually pretty good so here's to some sleep for you!
At night we've just been sitting in the inflatable pool. I made some Sangria thinking it would make a nice friend in the pool, but it's just too god damn hot to drink!

I hope kitty is ok. Anything cool near her might help.
We've been hosing down our pups to try and keep their temps down.
I've made sure I've been working from home all week. I would hate to have had to leave the dogs outside.

Stay cool!
soooo hot. I hate summer with a fiery passion.
The only thing good to drink at the moment (alcohol-wise) is smoothies with brandy or baileys added.
I had this week off from work, so I've been around to keep an eye on the cat. She's an indoor kitty anyway, but I still worry if I go to work in weather like this, leaving her alone.