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ice queen


My boss just forwarded me these pics! They were taken by a lady who lives near Geelong. The koala just wandered up onto her back porch, looking for some relief from the heat, so she put out a basin of water for it. How cool is that!



I love the look on its face in the second picture, like, "PRIVACY, PLS. I AM IN THE BATH."
Ahahaha! People are so rude, not giving a koala his peace!
The second one totally cracks me up. It's so totally 'bitch, please.' :D :D
He looks like he's levering himself up to go slap them for their rudeness in watching private bathing business!
So. Cute. Damnitt. I keep staring at it's long pink tongue =P =)
I know! It's so horribly cute!
hmm,. some one posted these the other day, saying it was sent from a workmate , apparantly from some one in Adelaide

either way its V. cute but a email memeage that's lost the real story

Edited at 2009-02-04 07:24 am (UTC)
that's the same email i got, except the first sentence about SA wasn't there. i didn't know where Maude was, so I googled and wiki says it's near geelong.

That is just too adorable for words! Thanks for posting it :-)
Hee. I thought there might be a few 'awww' reactions! He's so cute! Glad you enjoyed it. (Watched any Firefly yet??? Want to know what you think!)
I haven't started on the DVDs yet, but will be doing so on the weekend! I'm sure I'll be posting about it :-P
Eeeee! That is beautiful *stares at not-stuffed hopefully-happy not-bear*
Heh. Isn't he just adorable?
These are some of the most awwwww pics I've ever seen.
But there was a look in the koala's eye in that 5th shot that had me thinking the 6th shot was of the koala attached to the photographer's face.
Hahaha! I know! That's kinda why I didn't want to post the last pic in the email - I didn't want to disillusion (or freak out) the non-Australians, who lurv koalas and think of them as cuddly & adorable. (I think they are cuddly and adorable too - just from a distance. Up close they are smelly and cranky. Kinda like me!)