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ice queen

OMG Smooooooothie!

Guys, I am drinking the best smoothie known to humankind. It's 42 celcius at the moment, heading for 44/45 (around 110/112 fahrenheit) and I've just created the best alcoholic "smoothie" possible. A whole ripe mango, a very ripe banana, vanilla ice cream, milk, Suntory Mango Liqueur, Bombora Coconut Rum (like a cheap Malibu) and ice. Soooooo good. I've had one hell of a week, absolutely flat to the boards at work, with complimentary overtime, and now today is a stinker, so I'm watching SGA, eating Red Rock "Deli-style" potato chips with Sea Salt and drinking mangoholic smoothie. \o/ Also, I'm sitting in my underwear, because my flatmate has scored the keys to a colleague's beach house in Rye for the weekend. The plumber has been and gone, my evening plans have been cancelled, I'm looking forward to a Saturday sitting around in my underwear, watching DVDs and drinking smoothie. Again, \o/


sounds good!