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ice queen

The weather in Melbourne is a gorgeous, grey, overcast 20 today - a little humid, but so much better than yesterday's 46.4 that I'm not going to complain. Unfortunately, bushfires are still raging. One of my colleagues lives in one of the areas that's been hit badly, and I haven't been able to contact her as the mobile phone networks are too busy. Fingers crossed she and her kids are okay.

ETA: Good news, though - our 'pet' pigeon (he lives in the Mexican Apple Blossom in the backyard) survived yesterday. I'd been a bit worried for him, news reports said birds were dropping out of the sky.


Dropping out of the SKY?

That's . . . Biblical :|
Well, I did wonder whether brimstone would be making an appearance yesterday. I was wondering if I was being punished for my slashing ways!
I watched the news and the devastating fires that are plaguing Australia.
My heart lies with you and the victims of this disaster.
Thank you, honey. It is quite upsetting.