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ice queen


I went and donated blood this afternoon. I've never seen the Blood Bank so busy. The staff were turning away dozens of people who turned up without an appointment to donate because of the fires. Now, it's great that people were wanting to help out - enough to go out of their way to go to the blood bank. It's a shame that those people weren't there last week, though, and I have to wonder if they'll come back next week, when the blood bank has the staff and resources to take their donation. Anyone who receives a blood donation needs that donation. Someone born with a medical condition, or someone in a car accident is equally as deserving as a burns victim of receiving a donation of blood. The staff were telling me that some people were insisting that they had to donate today - because they wanted their donation to count as something towards helping the bushfire victims. The staff spent a lot of time today trying to explain that donations are needed all day, every day. That there are some people who - through no fault of their own - require transfusions every two or three days. Giving blood is so simple, takes so little time, has so little impact on the donor's life but such a huge impact on the recipient's - I wish everyone who can give blood would give blood.

I was a bit concerned going in today that I would not be able to donate. The last couple of times I've been to the blood bank I haven't been able to give. The first time was because it was early morning, and I wasn't sufficiently hydrated - they only got half a bag despite the length of time I was hooked up. The next time the guy reckoned he couldn't find a vein - now, I know I have deep veins, but they've always managed to find one before. The lady today admittedly couldn't get one in my left arm, but she got one straight away in my right - and it only took me 5 minutes 22 seconds to fill the bag! That's super fast for me. Feeling a little woozy right now, as I legged it for the tram as soon as they were done. Sitting here feeling mournful as I watch the news reports on the fire - 131 confirmed dead now, they're expecting it to possibly exceed 200.


They always refuse mine because I go to acupuncture. Apparently this puts me in the needle-users high-risk group along with the heroin junkies =P
Really? They won't even take plasma? Our rules are, that as long as the acupuncture was done with sterile, single-use needles, you can give plasma only for four months after the last acupuncture, then you can give whole blood. I keep getting asked if I want to switch from whole blood donation to plasma, which can be donated every 2 weeks, but given all the difficulties they seem to have finding my veins, I might just stick to once-every-3-months blood donation.
Nope, they won't. They're funny here.
Woozy? Don't you get a cookie and oj or something after you donate?

So sad to hear about all those people...
Yeah, you can - they have a big refreshments area where they'll make you a milk shake, coffee, juice, whatever, but I normally feel fine after donating (actually, a little hyper) so I don't normally stay for refreshments. I bounce off the donation chair and out the door. By the time I got off the tram yesterday, though, my arms felt like lead and I was feeling a little ... unmotivated to do anything. I think it didn't help that I'm not getting enough sleep lately. Damn cat won't let me sleep in.

Oops, hit the button by mistake.

The death toll is up to 166 now, last night watching the news - whenever the politicians's voices got wobbly I'd start getting teary. We had another scare at work yesterday - Spence was going camping over the weekend down where one of the fires was blazing, and she wasn't answering text messages. She eventually let us know she was safe around the bay from the fire, and was watching it burn. It's all very distressing.

Edited at 2009-02-09 08:53 pm (UTC)
I plan on donating blood either next week or the week after. Once the media hype has died down, but the blood is still needed. Need to get my weight back over 45kgs so I can donate. A bad week last week meant a drop of 1.5kg so I'd better pickup some of that Triple Choc icecream.
Also trying to find out if there is a way to help the animal rescuers. There's going to be so many animals that need to be found, collected and brought back for treatment.
Me, too! Why can't I be a millionaire??? I'd use it so wisely!
Heh. You need a fat transplant, stat!

Unfortunately, just reading about your Triple Choc plans added 1.5 kilos to my arse.

I know, people often forget about the poor animals. :-(
Fat transplant would be ok if it went where I wanted it! Such a shame ankles are the last place it goes.

I vote you a millionaire as well. Can we have a cool mill each? I promise to do good things with it!

My Dad had this idea called Reverse Super (he gets lots of ideas like this and always verbalises them - gotta love him). Rather than get your money when you're old(er), and in these times it's now worth half of what it was a year ago, you get a lump sum from the Government when you're 25-ish. It's then up to you to be responsible with it or blow it all, your choice, but don't come back for more. Gives people the "opportunity" they need. I liked the idea in theory, but then you'd still have people coming back with reasons why they had to put it all into a pokie machine and they need some more please.