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ice queen

bushfire update

The latest death toll is sitting at 173, but the police are warning it could exceed 300.

Anyone wanting to help out those devastated - here are a couple of links.

The Australian Red Cross is accepting online donations (credit card) to assist those who have lost their homes and loved ones.

To help the injured wildlife, you can make an online payment to WRAP (Wildlife Rescue and Protection Inc).

Speaking of WRAP, here's a photo off their website of one of the koalas they're looking after:
 :-( Look at the poor little guy!

Anyone with a spare five bucks - your generosity would be very appreciated. (Especially if you're from the US or somewhere with the Euro, as your $5 is worth more like $8 here!!!)


poor little thing :[
I know :-( I want to give him a cuddle.