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I just don't get it, and I wish it would stop.

What the hell is the fascination in posting 'FIRST!' comments on a webpage or blog? Obviously, I'm a little slow, because I just don't understand why anyone - let alone so many - would bother. WHO GIVES A GOOD GODDAMN WHO POSTS THE FIRST COMMENT??? Especially when said comment is as inane as "first!"

Jeez, I'm feeling crotchetty tonight. And I'm too tired to upload my pics from the last two days. Oh, well. Tomorrow.



i think it just means your the #1 biggest loser with no life who sits on your computer refreshing on the fan page of choice just to say first with your drooling fanboy face ;p

Walked right into that one, didn't I? Did make me laugh, though.

And I think you have actually nailed it. I can think of no other reason.
It's the same mentality as "A pinch and a punch for the first of the month".
... which one should have grown out of by age 12.
What? *is puzzled* I must be out of the loop or out of the world, but I didn't know that people rush to post first on someone's update. Unless you're talking about the first who goes commenting a new fanfic. Those have either my admiration or my despise, depending on if they actually read the whole fic before commetning it.

As a loser and insecure, I love the people who are first to comment MY updates, so I don't feel I'm lonely and abandoned for long. *g*
depending on if they actually read the whole fic before commetning it.

Ohhhh, I hate it when they comment before reading! That is so stupid!

Heh. I think we all feel like a loser, and insecure, if our posts don't get any comments!
omg you just hit on something that has increasingly been pissing me off, especially on LJ posted fics. PEOPLE DONT EVEN READ THE FIC FIRST. The comment with some stupid fucking comment to be first and are all, oh, now I'll go read the story. FUCK YOU AND YOUR IDIOT COMMENT.

Ahhh. Thanks for giving me a place to vent :-)
Heh. I can totally understand the need to vent! It's so narcissistic, I think, to post before reading. It's all, "Look at me! Look at me!" GAH. Idiots suck.

The only time I've commented to a fic before reading was in situations where a friend had posted and I was on my way out the door or soomit and I didn't want them sitting around for the next few hours thinking that I must obviously hate their baby 'cos I'm not saying anything. Y'know? :) Hope that made sense...

But I have never, ever been one of these inane "FIRST!" types. It's... confounding. ;-/
Yeah, I've seen that a couple of times, just so the author isn't having kittens of neglect - and that's cool.

It's the moronic "FIRST!" that does my head in. Whenever I see it, I screech "IDIOT!" at the monitor.

Heee, "kittens of neglect"... Dawww, they'd look so cute and pathetic, wouldn't they? With their shabby fur and their widewide hungry eyes of please-love-me? X-)

Actually I think andricongirl nailed it as to why.
You loser. There's no cookie for seventh.

andricongirl's response had me rolling on the floor. She's an insightful girl.
I find a lot of human behaviour perplexing these days.

Dovil, thought you might like this.
I'm right there with you. Seriously, humans - WTF?