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How could this happen? Who does something like this?

From abc.net.au (Australian Broadcasting Corporation - taxpayer-funded station) bushfire coverage - an interview with survivor Max Pickering, talking about the death of his 6 prized horses in the fires:

But it seemed help had arrived when a car drove up and a man offered to bury their horses.

"We had to bury them, they deserved that," said Mr Pickering on Thursday as he picked through the rubble.

"We were so happy to get the help, but when he was done he presented me with a $650 bill.


some people suck, dont knew how can they sleep at night being such an arsehole
Beggars belief. How can anyone think that behaviour is acceptable?
So. Much. Hate on people.

Why must there be people like this?
I have no idea. It seems remarkably unfair.
And then there's the parking officers who fined people giving blood.
Parking inspectors will be the cause of me finally flipping and going postal. They serve no purpose.
Oh, well. At least it gives them an income, so they can provide shelter and food for their families. Also, they stop all the more selfish humans from parking everywhere they want, for as long as they want. Working in the CBD, I can imagine it would be hideous if we didn't have parking inspectors - everyone would want to drive in and park outside their workplace. Of course, it's an occupation like the police, the army, etc - it can attract certain kinds of people who enjoy wielding power over others.
I agree, all good points about how they should punish those who blatantly abuse parking laws. Especially those that park in disabled parking when they're not. We just need a balance somewhere.
I got fined with 4 mins left on my metre. When I rang them to say it had happened, I received "There's no way to prove it". Sent a stat dec in, still didn't accept it. I really wanted them to take me to court.
Creating quota's for a job like that means they are no longer just "doing their job" but seeking out people to punish.
Ah well, tomaeto, tomato, I have Friday brain.
I think this sums it up..
Have a good weekend Riley. Glad to hear your colleague's son was ok. I heard from the last person on my list last night. He got out with his horses but lost 6 neighbours. Just a relative of my Mum's to go to track down.
That really sucks. I've got to agree with you on quotas - it's like the banks, setting targets which involve staff having to talk people into debt in order to keep their jobs.

That T-shirt would be a wise investment for all. Good luck with your Mum's relative. Hope you're coping okay with the smoke and ash. My eyes are really sore - imagine how bad it would be in the immediate area.