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The Shanghai Dumpling House is closed (temporarily, I hope). Apparently, a sign on the door cites "Gas and Utensil problem" ... Wah! I was supposed to go there for dinner tonight to initiate Lea into dumplingdom! 

In other news, my journal will soon be receiving a facelift due to the very wonderful carrieross. She has designed two headers based on the Enrique Murciano short film L.A. Suite specifically for me! Once I decide which of the two to go with, I'll have to figure out how to put it up here, and I'll probably have to change the colour of my layout, too. Hmmm, it's like redecorating your home without all the heavy-furniture-moving!


no dumpling for you hahha ;p
Oh, you're so mean!
hah ;p

you at work today ?
up for lunch time break for a coffee perhaps ??
At work, but already agreed to go to lunch with some of the guys here. If you're in town a bit later, could prob catch up for a coffee???
what time where ?
if you like, you can rock up at my work around 4.30ish and i can knock off early??
ok.. i think i remeber where it is .. ;p

up the jb street and turn the next right ?
nope, that's lonsdale. up la trobe, to queen, then right.
I can't wait to see what you came out with. Let me know if you have some trouble in actually puttin gthe header on your page (not that I'm so good in explanations in English! *g*)
i've decided to go with the green one (i realised in the right hand image he is holding a camera!) but i can't figure how to add a header to the journal... i found a custom layout that i liked, but when i finally got it working, it didn't allow enough room for the whole header ... grrr. i don't know what to do!
What's the name of the custom layout? Do you know that, generally speaking, you have to put the height in px in the header box? (I told that I suck in explaining things in English!)
Anyway, what I do, when I choose a lay-out, is to check that it has the features I need. It happened that I changed my mind after experimenting it and noticing that I couldn't navigate the way I wanted to or other stuff. :/
you explained perfectly well! just after i posted that previous message i figured out how to change the height of the header, but then i realised the layout i chose ended up with the navigation over the header picture, instead of under ... so i need to look around. but i'm squinting at the monitor at the moment, i'm very tired so i should probably wait until tomorrow to look at layouts! it's very annoying, because I want to do it NOW! but I need sleep *tired grin*
*g* it's night for you!!!!!!! I didn't think about it!

I checked my customization, and the main thing is that you have to paste the URL of your header in the Header:image box, not in the Background:image box. Other than that, I wouldn't know what's wrong.

Goodnight (or good morning, if you read this tomorrow for you, that is tonight for me, when I'll likely be sleeping *g*).

Oh, and replying here: I'll make the icons. Gimme this weekend time and they're done.