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ice queen


Well, this ain't why I'm fat .... but I can see how it would suck people in! From This Is Why You're Fat.

ETA: I just couldn't not post this one too:

Alana's gonna put it on a t-shirt.


Oh my god. Ew?

Heh. It's probably very unfair of me to automatically assume that it's American, isn't it?
Heh... stereotyping, but understandable. Also, the spelling of 'flavored' seems to confirm it!
Wow, I didn't pick up on that at all. Either you're very observant, or I really really need to start Uni.
Oh, ew. Like really, really ew.

My decision to become a vegetarian for a little while seems better and better.
Do you remember those guys from The Storm episode of SGA? "Bacon. It's the food that makes other food worth eating." Hahaha!

There are a lot of weird meateaters out there. I swear, I got chest pains just *looking* at that website.