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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 44 & 45

Originally uploaded by rileyo

Day 44 - Danger! Falling Nectarines
Day 45 - Some of the last of Sam's cherry tomatoes. You were a great tomato plant, Sam. We'll miss you.


You have tomatoes!
Our two bushes have put so much effort into just staying alive we have one tomato. A big one, but a green one and it got burnt in the heat.
Nathan tried having a serious conversation with it about it's purpose is to produce tomatoes so how about getting to it, but it just sat there looking a little droopy. I think it needs a pep talk more than anything else.
Those tomatoes came from a mutant cherry tomato that came out of nowhere and spread everywhere. It fruited continually for a year and a half, all through winter, but has now died because Alana forgot to water it. It was an awesome plant. None of our others are doing half as well.

I empathise with your tomato bush. I could do with a pep talk as well.
Random tomato plant...

Can we give each other a pep talk? Does that work?

I've really had it with 2009. Something medium in size goes wrong every week and I'm getting a little tired of it! Especially when it's the same things happening and I haven't caused it! Then I have to fight to get what's only fair.
I need a big bottle of wine, a comfy seat and the chance to wave my clenched fist at the Universe.
It's not good when you're over 09 and it's only Feb.

I'd like to join you on that comfy couch with my own bottle.
09 was off to a dubious start when we got home from NYE celebrations and found Ralph had ripped a hole in the fence big enough for him and our Kelpie to get through. There's so much more to that story which ended up costing lots of dollars.
Well, if you feel like finding a comfy couch with a bottle of wine let me know.
I just need to get my "car that doesn't act like a car by going in a forward motion" back from the dealership. But that's another expensive gripe I have.
Although, with the level of wine consumption that could occur, PT would be a much wiser mode of transportation.

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