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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 46-51

Originally uploaded by rileyo

Oops, I'm a little behind. Sorry. Above: Day 46 - Zucchini Plant.

Day 47 - Paperbark; Day 48 - "Fauxganvillea"
paperbark fauxganvillea

Day 49 & Day 50

Finally: Day 51


Great shots, as always. :) Heh, "Fauxganvillea" - groovy. :D And really quite the precocious blue, eh? Stunning...
Thanks :-)

I was mucking around in photoshop, which I don't know how to use very well. I was playing with the change hue feature, and boom! That blue! Without actually having a hugely noticeable impact on the other colours in the shot, too. I'm such a dork, I was going: "Heh heh - fauxganvillea! Heh!" It was kinda like Beavis & Butthead ...

It was kinda like Beavis & Butthead ...

S'long as you didn't get so excited, you started dryhumping the couch. *cough*


Oh hey - did you see this about stuff JoeFlan said at con this week?
*whistles, innocently*

And yeah, I saw that post - but thanks for thinking of me! Question is, what were you doing, lurking in dark corners where you'd be exposed to this? Or is the dark corner actually _inbetween_?

*to audience* Foiled! She knows my darkest secrets!