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ice queen

Introducing ...

My new layout! Thanks veeeeeery much to the wonderful carrieross for the beeeeyootiful header! Grazie! After much fiddling, and finding a tutorial on overrides by babytest, I was able to add my new, personalised, very gorgeous Enrique Murciano/LA Suite header! Phew. I wish I knew more about the codes LJ uses, but hey - I can't be great at everything! *g*


Yeah, sure! The override default!! I had forgotten that! Strange enough, since they changed the customizations layouts pages, I couldn't find it when I tried to help you, but I'm glad you solved the problem.

Your page looks great with the layout you chose.
Icons still to be made (I had a work shift this morning, so I wasn't at home), hopefully tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
Thank you for your kind words (and again for the very beautiful header!)

Don't apologise for the delay! You are doing me a big favour - I won't put any time limit on you!
Okay. I made three coordinated icons. I'm adding them here. If you don't manage to save them, I'll give you the URL for them.

I think they are pretty. Uhm... I might ask you permission to share n. 3 with me... *g*, but, anyway, all of the three of them are yours.

Awww, they are so pretty! Of course, you are welcome to share *g*! I immediately made number 2 my default icon! Damn, you are good at this! Thank you so much!
It looks great!!

(My DVD is on the way!!!!)
Thank you!

My dvd arrived two nights ago ... it ain't no shai!
But I have another one on order ... an earlier one....