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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 53&54

ilk bar
Originally uploaded by rileyo

Thanks to the housemate's belief that sharing is caring, I'm off work for the second day with a nasty bug. Therefore, photos have been restricted to what's in the house and yard. Except for "Ilk Bar" - grabbed that through the windscreen on the way to Leo's Fine Food & Wine on Sunday (bought the most delicious lime ice cream, and some fantastic cheeses!) Ah, the Ilk Bar - a fine, Australian tradition. How well I remember my childhood, scrounging for coinage to buy an icy-cold bottle of Ilk! Mmmm, ilk.

Yesterday (Day 54):


I've been to gigs at the ilk bar ;p its quite small, and has a small courtyard out the back .

sorrry you have a bug :[
Do they serve icy-cold ilk???

:[ me no likee being a sickee.
no, no ilk :[