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ice queen

I decided I wanted to show you my rather belated christmas present from Suzette, who finally remembered to give it to me on Saturday - it's the cute scarf I'm wearing above. Below the cut is my camera's self-portrait (it's so vain!), and a pic of me, for those who don't know what I look like and are curious. Beware the desperate need for a haircut. If you're clicking on the linky, let me know if I look like you imagined!



You look exactly like how I imagi -

Oh, hang on. ;D

Dude, your hair's got really long!
Heh :D

I know! I haven't had it cut in almost a year, as the hairdresser took off 5 inches (despite me telling him that I was trying to grow it) and I've been waiting for it to grow back. I'm afraid that if I go to a hairdresser to get it thinned out, they'll just cut off all the length again. Stupid hairdressers!