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ice queen

Today is another high alert day here for the bushfires which are continuing to burn. There's temperatues due to hit the high 30s and low 40s across the state, with a return of the strong northerly winds. My co-worker Louise (I like to call her Lulu, because it's so inapt) was due to evacuate before dawn this morning, as her home is 1km from the fires and there's a good chance she'll be homeless before the end of the day. Please keep your fingers crossed today. I'll be thinking good thoughts for those in the line of fire.


Its awful. I really hope that there are no, or at least very few, new bushfires today. Mum moved me into Dad's house, cause she's terrified. But there are a lot more precautions taking place today, so hopefully everything will be okay.
I didn't know you guys were out that way! Hope things go well for you & your fam. x <- fingers crossed
We aren't that close. We live out in Croydon. But with Belgrave and Healsville and Lilydale threatened, well. Thank you!
I'm crossing my fingers and sending good thoughts like woah!
Thanks, matey. Just don't let Patsy drop that fag anywhere near any tinder, k?
Hope her house stays out of harm's way...
Here's hoping. But at least she & her partner & animals will be out of harm's way. Glad they're not staying to try to defend.
Good Luck to everyone in that direction, and your co-worker. I didn't realize they were still burning.
Yeah, unfortunately there's a couple of huge ones they still haven't got under control, and a few more have started up. Sigh. I hate summer.
I'm sending you and your friend very good thoughts. *hugs*
Thanks, hon! Yesterday turned out to not be as bad as feared, now everyone is worried about Tuesday, when it will be very hot and the winds will be 65-70 kilometres an hour :(