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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 60 & 61

Originally uploaded by rileyo

I'm sensing a theme ...

Well. Two eating establishments I do not favour. For the non-Australians - Hungry Jack's is McDonald's main opposition over here. It's basically Burger King by another name (there is an actual Burger King at the airport, and it has the same logo, the stylised buns with the name in between.) In the interests of honesty, I used to prefer Hungry Jack's to McDonald's (more fresh salad in the burger, less sweetness - and, once I gave up eating meat, I found the Hungry Jack's old vegie burger stomped all over the McDonald's lentil one), but I only used to eat them once a year. Of course, now that I'm gluten-free, I don't go anywhere near them.



found_objects would love this!
Thanks, mousie!
i didnt even know maccas did lentil burgers .. not that id eat there anyway ... ;p

i did have a hungry jacks many burgers years back when i used to come to melb, and it was pretty good, much better than maccas.
once veggo i tried a veggie one and but the staff did tell me they weren't really vegetarian (?) so haven't had them again.

not that it matter when theres awesome "gormet" burger in melb if i ever wanted one anyway, or the real vegan ones from lord of the fries :]

good snaps
I had the maccas lentil burger very late one night after a party at Emily's (back in LTN). It was gross. Do you remember how Hungry Jack's used to have written on the sign next to their vegie burger "may contain traces of dairy"? Jeez, guys, do you think it might be that SLICE OF CHEESE you put on there???

Anyway, they stopped doing vegie burgers and switched to vegie baguettes, which pissed me off. Doesn't matter anymore, as I can't eat any vegie burgers, or the buns they come in. Stupid gluten.

Thanks! I was having another look at your st kilda pics earlier (before I got distracted by the need to do actual work) - I really like the birds in the sky one, and D in front of that poster. And the rust :)
hah, cheese haz dairy ! wow :P

thanks. for someone who hate s sand i seem to have been round beaches a lot recently, and liking things there ;]

which reminds me , I still haven't finished going through my photos from heron island last year.. one day. ;p
Ok that first one? Is just deeeeesguuuuusting. *shudder*
What? Soggy, waterlogged fries don't make your tummy rumble with desire???