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ice queen

Here's how I spent my Sunday

Sunday morning I flew off to Brisbane, bright and early. Monday the 9th was my grandmother's 90th birthday, and I wanted to be there with the family on Sunday to celebrate. It's been a few years since I last saw her. It's been longer, too, since I saw Graeme, my childhood best friend. Graeme and his family lived next door to us until we moved when I was 14. He was a year younger than me and a year older than my sister, and the three of us hung out all the time. That's Graeme with his son Jacob (on his lap), his nephew Noah and his mum, "Auntie" June. The other photo is my grandmother (everyone calls her "Mother"), my aunt, Erin, and my uncle, Robin (Dad's family). It was really great to see everyone again, but flying two hours to Brisbane in the morning, and then back again in the evening is quite tiring. I love travelling, and I love airports, but I'm not that fond of the actual flying. It tends to make me tired and grumpy. Lack of fresh air and too much sitting, I suspect.


Happy family pictures =)
Well, two flights forward and back (Eng?) are exhausting, I can get it. But I think you took the right decision in wanting to be there. Happy birthday to your grandmother!!
Gran's are great :)
Yes, they are! And hey there, stranger! How's things going?