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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 66-71

market cheese
Originally uploaded by rileyo

This is today's photo, taken at the Queen Victoria Market.

Day 66 = Tram safety mirror. Day 67 = Brisbane Airport Train - cool doors!

Day 68 = Rodney. Day 69 = Glass Circles

Day 70 = Art Deco cafe sign in Manchester Unity building on Swanston St.

D'oh. There is no Day 65. Last Friday I went home leaving my memory card on my desk. When I went to use my mobile phone to take photos, the lighting was too dim, and my photos were blurred and horrible. So now it's looking like Project:365-1. :(


Heh - took me a moment to work out what Rodney was. At first glimpse, I was thinking some groovy 1950s atomic- or Sputnik-themed printed curtains or soomit. :D

Ooooh, those would be some nice curtains!

But, no. Rodney is our phallic cactus.

nice shots!
i guess youll just have to do a plus 1 later for missing out :]

oh and you rdoing tomorrow or next week.. a photoday must happen :P

I am RDOing tomorrow, can't spare the whole day but can do a couple of hours. Lunch???
sounds good, maybe send me a msg or something a bit before lunch time, a time and place etc ?
I will try not to sleep in