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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 72, 73, 74

Originally uploaded by rileyo

One lot of visitors gone - my brother and his partner left yesterday for Brisbane. One lot to go - Alana's mum and her partner are in town, but are no longer staying in our house. It's been a bit of a crazy week. I did find time to go have lunch with andricongirl on Friday, and took heaps of pics - one of which is the columns above, from the Old Melbourne Gaol, now part of RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). Stacks of cool pics from the past few days are now up at flickr.

Day 73 - actually a piece of my BBQ.
Day 74 - Bubble-eyed goldfish, in a pet shop in Melbourne Central.

I went shopping with Lea today, she had a hankering for coloured contact lenses (kinda crazy, since she has the most striking eyes of anyone, ever). She also helped me find a red winter jacket, not too heavy, not too warm, looks great. Also picked up a cool knitted vest (the type you pin shut, not pullover) and a red shirt. Then - and you might be ashamed to know me here - I spent a hideous amount on a bottle of bvlgari perfume. *iz ashamed* I can't help it. I really like expensive perfume. It's my weakness. I don't wear makeup, I LOATHE AND ABHOR name-brand clothes, and I don't care that it's bvlgari ... I just really like how it smells.

Oh! Oh, I also had to buy a new umbrella, as I can't find where I put my good, $35 travelling umbrella I bought before going to Europe, and the cheap ones break as soon as you use them. While Lea was choosing coloured contacts at the chemist, I checked out their brolly options. I ended up with two! (Just as well, it rained as we got off the tram on the way home.) I got a very slim, press-button-to-open, press-button-to-close, good quality black one, and I also bought one of those bell-shaped clear ones, with red trim and handle. It's so cute!