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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 75

Originally uploaded by rileyo

Sleepy, so sleepy. Too many nights sitting up too late, watching The West Wing. We'd started from the very beginning ("A very good place to start..."*), and now we're up to Season 7. I'd never seen Seasons 5, 6 & 7 before (it changed from airing on Channel 9 to the ABC the minute I moved to a place where I couldn't pick up the ABC on my antenna.) I hate having to stop to go to bed! I want to know what happens next! And now I'm sleepy. And full, from the little sesame mochi I ate with lunch.

*Prize goes to the first person to pick the quote.


Quote = Ah, um, something with Julie Andrews and some singing kids?

Yay to The West Wing! Love that show. The West Wing, Boston Legal and The Daily Show are all shows I have to sit and really watch. But then can't turn away from even if it means starving or having a dog that really needs to pee.

How the hell are ya anyway?

Heh. Yes, what was that film? The Sound of ... 6 Children Singing? Nah, that doesn't sound right. ;)

I still haven't seen The Daily Show. But I adore The West Wing, and am incredibly fond of Boston Legal.

I'm good! How the hell are you??!
The Daily Show, guaranteed to make you laugh. And sometimes in a "I'm laughing because it's true which also makes it rather disturbing" kind of way.
If you get a spare 21 minutes, check out this episode from last week.
It almost blew up my CPU but it's a great interview.

It's been insanity here. [insert tales of woe regarding economic downturn and what it's like being a household consisting of two small business owners who's purchaser of one's business is finding loopholes to not sign off on the sale - I'll take a breath now]. And I'm feeling an increasing need to buy a t-shirt that says "WTF?" and point to it regularly.

For example: ... a lady was driving along a relatively busy single lane road, stopped in the middle of the road to answer her mobile with no warning (she seemed to think that if she's not moving then she can't be considered talking while driving), I was the car behind her wearing my "WTF" face and it turned out the first three letters of her number plate were WTF. I couldn't help but exclaim, "Exactly!" and find it rather poetic at the same time.

I'll stop my rambling and ranting now and go and hide in the corner.