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Random note before I go to bed...

It seems Megaupload have changed the look of their site. You know those little letter/number combos that you need to enter before you can download? I CAN'T MAKE OUT A SINGLE ONE. There appears to be four separate characters, all aslant, and all overlapping. They're also black with white splodges over them. I can only ever make out 3 of the 4 characters. WHAT THE HELL.


Some of them you CANNOT make out- I think it's impossible. Usually it takes me 3 tries to find one I can read.
Yeah, I had a second attempt and I was LUCKY! WTF?
I totally had trouble making one out last week. Usually you can click a button to get it to speak the letters, but MU doesn't have that option >:(

Just make flaily attempts until it spits up one that you *can* read. That's what I ended up doing last week. It is, without a doubt, bloody ridiculous.
I know! It's ridiculous!