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ice queen

Ah, weekend ... where did you go?

Saturday ... well, didn't make it to St Kilda - got sidetracked shopping in town ... still, got a nice shirt out of the deal - the brown/aqua version of the black/red japanese print shirt I bought last time...

Sunday ... movie day with Kathy & Johanna (at Kathy's house). We were like a mini-UN there - Kathy with her British accent, Johanna with her American accent, me with my Australian one ... Kathy made us sooo much yummy stuff (that girl makes THE best dips/salsas) that I almost exploded. Some nice red wine, some cheesy 1990s films ... heh. A good way to spend a Sunday.

Return home to find the awesome icons the lovely   magnificent carrieross made for me (check out my default icon for one of them!) Isn't she great???

Currently at work, listening to my iPod and updating briefly in between doing 600 various things.


Getting sidetracked by shopping doesn't sound too bad. Your movie night sounds like fun, and your icon is lovely.

I myself am glad the weekend is over, cause one kid will be going back to school for 3 days anyway. It's much easier having one than two. *g*
I can understand where you're coming from with regard to kids and weekends! You are very brave, to have children! It astounds me to think my ma had had 5 kids by the time she was my age ... eeek.
Glad you had a nice Sunday. I'm happy that you liked the icons. :o)