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out like a light_by slayground

Let me tell you.

The day Natasha Richardson's death from a simple fall is announced is NOT the day you want to receive an email from your dad telling you your mother has had a bad fall, and that an ambulance has taken her to the hospital with a head injury. Timing, you suck. Good news, though - ma has been released with a possible broken nose and an upcoming appointment with an ENT specialist, some bruising and minor swelling. She rang me 40 minutes ago, to let me know how she was. After she described her injuries I said, "Oh, you must be in pain." Her answer? "I'm HUNGRY!" No, no real pain, but they wouldn't let her eat in case she needed procedures done. It's funny, while I was worrying my head off, considering all the worst case scenarios in the three hours it took before I found out she was okay, she was contemplating her grumbling tummy and wondering how soon she could fill it! Oh, parents. They are sent to try us.


:[ ouch
hope she's ok.
She sounds pretty good, thankfully. Sounds surprisingly chirpy for someone with a busted nose!
Oh, god, that must have been awful. I hope she gets better soon.
Thanks, Sham. She sounds pretty chirpy, surprisingly. I'm so glad it wasn't any worse!
Hugs to your mother. I laughed when I read about your conversation and your last comment to it. I love your irony.

That thing of Natacha Richardson shocked me a lot, especially thinking what stupid kind of fall she had. I had dozens of those on the snow!!
Thanks, sweets. My mum made me laugh, too, with her preoccupation with her hunger!

I know, it was a dreadful shock, that it happened so easily. You know, she had the same birthday as me (except she was older). Oh, her poor, poor family.
Eeek, I'm glad that she's fine! You know, one good thing: you are freaked out by the timing, but so are the doctors I'll bet. I'll bet they're being a lot more careful about checking over head injuries right now, and there's less chance they'll miss something. Good thoughts in her direction!
Ha! I *did* think that, at one point - "at least they'll be double-checking, today of all days!" Thanks for the good thoughts. Now, if I can just convince her to watch where she's going, my nerves will be fine, too!
Eh gads, I'm glad to hear that she's doing okay! Bad timing indeed!
Trust my mum. I hear my sister and brothers are waiting on her hand and foot, but refusing to give her a bell to ring if she wants something. Obviously, they know her well.
Here's to her speedy recovery!
I'll drink to that! In fact, I was drinking to that *before* I found out how she was - I was too stressed to think about dinner when I got home, so I started on the wine instead!