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Project:365 - Day 80

Originally uploaded by rileyo

Took my cat in to see the vet this morning - her 6-monthly check up to see how her kidney disease is progressing, and to make sure her blood pressure is still under control (and to get her claws trimmed - she keeps getting stuck in everything!) Normally they get me to hold her while they take the blood and check her blood pressure, but today the vet took her out the back and got a nurse to assist her. I was left in the consulting room, and started looking around out of boredom. I found, on the wall behind me, a light box, with an x-ray from the previous patient -- a Burmese called Oscar. Check out Oscar's bones! (D's blood pressure is fine, btw. Won't get the blood test results until Monday or Tuesday, but hopefully they'll be good too.)

ETA: I read yesterday that Ron Silver died last weekend - I'd just been enjoying him as Bruno in The West Wing. I hadn't known that he made a reappearance in the final season.