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Heh. My geeky keyboard. You know how some keyboards have a 'power' button on them? Well, last night I accidentally banged mine while balancing my old keyboard on my knees and turned off my computer in the middle of doing stuff. I thought I'd take advantage of the shutdown to install my new (second-hand) DVD burner (my old one didn't like ripping. Or burning, for that matter.) And since I was doing that, I thought I might as well finally get around to plugging in my USB, roll-up keyboard that I got for free when I pre-ordered Season 4 of SGA. Now my keyboard is as geeky as me.


Haha excellent!

is it not hellish to type on, though??
Surprisingly, not too bad. Capital letters can be a little troublesome, as the Shift key doesn't always register - I think it'll be a matter of just getting used to putting my finger down at the right angle, so that I catch the key properly. And I think it will encourage me to keep the little table clear so I can lay the keyboard on it, instead of typing on my knees all the time because I have crap all over the table!
neeeerd! ;p
ahaha!! I can just hear Homer saying that!

Just had a call from the vet - D's tests show her kidneys have deteriorated a little in the last six months. The Urea result was a little out of the normal range. She'll have to go back to 3 monthly checks now.
You're my idol.
Ahahaha! That would be scary, if it were true!