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JS Mill

Stargate question.

I haven't watched SG1 (well, I've watched 3 episodes. It's not for me), so I'm not up on the history of the Ancients. From watching SGA, it appears to me that the city of Atlantis started out on Earth (Antartica) and then left, a million or so years ago, for the Pegasus Galaxy. After constant warring with the Wraith, the Ancients sank the city under the oceans of Lantea and returned to Earth via the Stargate. Is this correct? Or have I missed some key aspect of Ancient history?


No... that's about right :)
Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for answering!
No no, Earth is the Ancients Alpha site, basically. They fled once they screwed the Pegasus galaxy so badly that they had to sink Atlantis and flee. And then they started messing about on Earth! The Antarctic outpost was their main gating outpost, and there was another gate in Egypt, I think.

Well, messing about on Earth more.

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Oh. So what was that scene right at the beginning of Rising, where the city takes off from a snowy/icy place? I thought that was Atlantis leaving Antartica, because then they switch to present-day Antartica. Where was the city leaving from?

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Atlantis was once on earth, you're right.

I think the easiest thing is probably to refer you here? It's a good, straight forward guide to the history of the Ancients.
Fantastic - thanks heaps for the link. It never actually occurred to me to wiki the Ancients!
Um. I don't think I've seen that ep. OOps?
It's the opening scene of the pilot, before it crosses to modern day, with McKay, Weir, Jackson, and Carson in the chair shooting the drone at Sheppard & O'Neill.