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ice queen

Pimping ...

the latest in 'must-have' merchandise: Without A Trace soft toys!!! To see the adorable Fitz the Frog, go check out the journal of dragontatt- SO CUTE!


Eeek! I came here to leave you a message and found this! Aren't you sweet?

(So- that DVD? First scene? WFT is on that guy's cock? Oh gross, too much information, I know, but come on, couldn't they find a porn guy without great big warts or whatever they were? Heee!)
Oh, dude - I know! And some of the close-ups in Gamal Simon's scene are TMI, too! Seriously, didn't the opening credits make you laugh? Some of these guys way overact. Ah, Titof - you are a rose amongst warty thorns!