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JS Mill

Unpopular fandom (various) opinions I hold

Which may have me struck off, if not the f-list, perhaps the christmas card list.

1. I think How I Met Your Mother is lame, unfunny and yawn-inducing.
2. I think NCIS is terrible – mostly because of Gibbs and DiNozzo. I have always liked Mark Harmon’s crankypants characters, but I can’t see any reason why his staff don’t put in for transfers to another division. The only characters he is nice to are Abbie and Duckie. When you get a character as grumpy and unlikable as Gibbs, we are usually shown their secret-heart-of-gold so that we will forgive them their crankypantsness, but despite the many episodes I have watched, I've never seen that side of Gibbs - except maybe towards Abby, but if he's not mean to Abby then him being nice to her is not really redeeming him. As for DiNozzo - he's simply a pratt. Incredibly juvenile and irritating. I'm feeling irritated just thinking about him.
3. The CSIs: All of them – all flash, no substance. Wow, see how many special effects we can do before you notice you don't actually care about the victim. Good characters can make up for crappy stories (SGA, Bones) but that doesn't happen here. I simply can't care about anyone.
4. I don't think John Sheppard comes across as super-gay, and I've never understood the apparent confusion in some circles about Joe Flanigan's "acting choices". Sheppard has always made sense to me. Maybe it's because I'm as emotionally open as he is ;)
5. Harry Potter. Meh. I saw the first movie, I haven't read the books. I have no desire to, either. After the first movie, I just don't believe it can beat The Dark Is Rising series (although, there's a movie I don't think I'll ever watch.)
6. I'm not attracted to Jensen Ackles. *shrugs*

7. I can't stand David Tennant as Doctor Who. Now, true - I was raised on the show and have a love for the way it used to be, so I was hesitant when they resurrected it that they would handle it in a way I felt meshed with the old, but I did enjoy Christopher Ecclestone in the first of the new series. I just can't handle David Tennant. It feels like I'm watching Jim Carrey as the Doctor, and I really don't like Jim Carrey's comedic style (all that mugging at the camera. I love his serious stuff, though). Sigh. I *want* to like it, but I really, really don't.
So, is there anyone left out there? If so, share your unpopular opinions with me!


1. I saw one episode once. I love Neil Patrick Harris, but it all just seemed "sitcom". *shrug*
2. Ohfuckinggods, YES. Abbie and Ducky are the only two good things about that programme. Harmon sucks. And DiNozzo - right there with ya on that arse. I found out recently that the wonderful Jessica Steen was a regular on it a few years back though, and I think she's great. Apart from that... I really kinda despise this show.
3. The CSIs at least have three or four really cool actors scattered across them and freakin' EXCELLENT theme music. ;D As with most of these types of procedural shows though, the most redeeming features usually come in the form of bloody brilliant guest actors doing a spot here and there.
4. I trust you on this one. :)
5. They're pretty crap, but damn that woman she tapped into something pretty major in the world's psyche SOMEhow. The first movie is the worst of the bunch, btw, and they DO get markedly better as they go on. The best thing about it is that it's such a huge universe with so veryvery many characters, one can focus one's attention wherever one likes. Almost.
6. Excellent. One less person to fight off. ;D
1. That's just it! It's that "sitcom" thing! BORING.
2. Well, that makes you, me and Alana. We should make t-shirts.
3. Agreed on the theme music, haven't been able to watch a series consistently enough to spot the cool actors. Hooray for guest actors, eh?
4. Heh.
5. I might have to trust you on this one. I don't think I can be bothered going there again.
6. HAha! I wouldn't dare stand in your way!
1. Watched one episode, never grabbed me, seemed more middle of the road sitcom than anything.
2. NCIS - saw about 10mins, boooring. :)
3. OH GOD, yeah!!
4. I think earlier on in the first season he seems unsure of what to do with his arms and hands, he looks a bit awkward in wide shots, plus he has an erm, expressive face. But the canon character is straight, I'll agree with you there. :)
5. I would love Harry Potter if I was 10 years old.
6. I think he's pretty to look at without rocking my boat.

Pffft, I mock your upopular opinions. :D
I would love Harry Potter if I was 10 years old.

But seeing as you are 12 ...

I think he's pretty to look at without rocking my boat.

My sentimentimos exactamundo.

Pfffft, I blow a little raspberry back at you :D
1. WHAT WHAT WHAT. WHAT. No, no, it's ... oh man. It takes a few episodes to get into but it's so much more than a sitcom.
2. Eh, yes. Agreed.
3. I liked the first few seasons of Vegas, never could stand Miami, but I'm absolutely obsessed with NY. The first season is okay -- I couldn't stand that Aidan girl -- but it's the ones that come later that are really good. Of course, Carmine Giovinizzo could be clouding my judgment.
4. I never say him as super-gay either. Maybe just regular gay ;)
5. Whaaaaaat woman. Harry Potter is awesome, how dare you!
6. I am beginning to doubt your sanity. What about the other guy? I don't think he's cute.
7. I've never seen Dr. Who. So I can't say much.
1. Heh. You must have special glasses, which show you a different programme to what I see :D
2. Ha! No arguing that one! Good girl.
3. Of course, Carmine Giovinizzo could be clouding my judgment. Sometimes a good-looking man will allow you to overlook a mighty ocean of wrong.
4. Hee - I can go with that!
5. The Dark Is Rising! Will! Bran! The signs! Now *that* is an awesome series. I named an old cat we had Bran.
6. As dovil said, he's pretty, but he doesn't do anything for me. (Jensen, that is.) As for Jared ... *shrug*. Doesn't do anything for me, either. I think I might like him a fraction more than Jensen, because he looks more real and less pretty. I'm not really into pretty. I like character more.
7. Then, by default, you agree with me! Ha! Yes you do!

I think I might like him a fraction more than Jensen, because he looks more real and less pretty.

Unfortunately, Jared's been getting a bit less "real" over the last year or so. Spending waaaaaaay too long in the gym and getting his eyebrows sculpted to within an inch of his life (WTF is up with guys doing that?). Jensen, otoh, has hit his thirties with his scars and his lines and his crappy eyesight and I kinda find myself itchin' already to see how he's gonna look in another few years... *nom nom nom*

Yes, I'm spamming your journal today, m'dear. Sorry about that. :D I've spent two days in Deep Peeve[tm] with the entire world and the chance to just talk shit about tv here has just been too tempting to ignore!
Oh, dear. That's a shame about Jared. I really don't like guys that look like they've spent too much time on their appearance. There are far better things they could be doing...

Jensen, otoh, has hit his thirties with his scars and his lines and his crappy eyesight and I kinda find myself itchin' already to see how he's gonna look in another few years... *nom nom nom*

Yeah, that might do it! I don't think the younger Joe Flanigan was attractive - too smooth and bland. I think he's way hotter now, with some lines and greys!

Spam away, m'dear! It's been so quiet around LJ lately, it's nice to have someone to talk to! Hope the peeve has passed!

7. As much as I love David Tenant, I do get what you mean - even as far as the Carey ref. :) I think especially his rapport with Billy Piper showed that up to the nth degree; the Doctor and Rose just got really silly for a while there. We're still waaay behind with Who, still back mid-third-return-series when Martha was still newish. We're both Who fans (and share the same favourite Doc, too - Jon Pertwee!) but we just haven't felt moved to get off our arses and catch up as yet. :-/

Also, I must admit that the nuWho fandom kinda puts me off. The wailing and gnashing and ohnoes-a-different-actor-will-ruin-it!-ness of folk who clearly just Do Not Get This Show nor understand why and how it's held the love of so many for over 40 years...
The wailing and gnashing and ohnoes-a-different-actor-will-ruin-it!-ness of folk

Seriously? Seriously? Oh.My.God.

People can be... speshul.
I'll answer about the ones I know.

2. Here we disagree the most. I hated NCIS in its first two seasons, to change my mind utterly with the going on of the TV show. Now it has interaction between characters, angst, good storylines, like Wat forgot to have. What is a 'pratt'? (sorry for my laziness in not googling it). Whatever. I adore Dinozzo. He was very handsome, but stupid Well, now he's very handsome and much like Danny taylor was in S 1, 2 or 3. Unlike you, I don't like Ducky, though I need to admit that when i heard his true voice and his very British accent, I had a blast. In the Italian dubbing they make him talk more slowly, but I didn't know that they did that to mean something like he's not American, he's British. My other less loved character is Abby, so I guess it's just you like them and despise the rest, or you love the rest and dislike them. *wonders*

3. And here we TOTALLY AGREE. Period. I don't want to waste my time in talking about the CSIs around.

6. I.LOVE.YOU!! *smooches* I forgive you for not liking Gibbs and Dinozzo, because I can love whoever doesn't like the people at SPN, especially that guy.
When I wrote this, I was remembering that you were a big Tony fan, as well as some others on my flist. :)

A "pratt" is really just a jerk, with an element to it of trying to present a certain image to people. Tony is always trying to be a stud, and to be better than McGee, or Ziva, but really he's just a jerk. Sorry! I think he's too old to always be trying to act like a stud and to always have to be better than the others at everything. He's like a teenager, but in his 30s! I'm not particularly fond of Duckie or Abbie, actually. I think the best characters are McGee and Ziva. I wish I liked Gibbs. I think Mark Harmon is attractive, and I loved him on The West Wing, and Chicago Hope.

It's interesting, what you say about the actor who dubs Duckie's voice. It's funny about the European habit of dubbing everything - I find that so strange, as we don't dub anything, we add subtitles. I know that in Belgium they don't dub, either, but in Italy, and France and Germany ... I find it odd that there are probably millions of Europeans who don't know what Matt Damon's voice sounds like, or Michael Caine's, or any big star. A person's voice is a part of them, it seems disrespectful to silence it and replace it with someone else.

3 - I'm amazed that the CSI franchise has been so popular. But then, lots of people like crappy shows!

6 - Hee! I've never watched SPN, but yeah - Jensen Ackles is too smooth and pretty, and not interesting enough.
Thanks for your elaboration. I won't insist about Tony, because I'm still traumatized by when an ex-friend wanted to make me like Dean so much that I hated him and everything related from that day on. When you don't like/like someone there's nothing that can make you change your mind. Only when you say that person is okay, you might be convinced to dig into the matter a bit more.
Anyway, I used to think that Sawyer was a 'pratt' (yes!) and that he was unattractive. Luckily, my web-friend who was in love with him didn't insist. I watched Lost S1 to make a favor to her... and drooled over Sawyer throughout the season.

Dubbing is a way to make people who don't speak a language to understand everything. It has pros and cons IMO. I'll tell you the pros (you already know the cons). We have many wonderful dubbers who sometimes make some actor/actress value more. WaT: Elena is an example of how a very good dubber can transform a broom in a feminine and sensitive woman. You should listen to that voice!! It sweetened Elena. Also, we can relax in watching the program or we can do something else and listen to the show instead of focus and concentrate all the time to follow subtitles. Old people would have serious difficulties in doing that. I don't think it's disrespectful toward stars. As I said, sometimes it goes to their advantage. Many stars want to know their dubbers or some want to choose theirs.

The cons? Yes, I don't know mnay of the old stars voices. I only happen to know some of the new cuz I watch their TV show or movie before it gets to our market (via d/l) or cuz I see an interview. Sometimes I got disappointed, cuz there are typical American voices that basically don't exist in Italy. I fainted when I heard Grissom's voice, so high instead of being a manly voice. Again, I think he received a favor by his dubber.

Another con? We would speak so much more English if we were used to subtitles and to eharing the original Ebglish versions of all movies and TV shows!!!! This is the main con, IMO. I have a very hard time in understanding, even with earphones, what people say in an original TV show. Italians (and Spanish) don't know much English just because it's a foreign language they never heard in their childhood.

PS I know Matt Damon's voice. Remember "I'm fu**ing Matt Damon"? LOL
PS I know Matt Damon's voice. Remember "I'm fu**ing Matt Damon"? LOL

Lol indeed! That was very, very funny. :D

I take your point about dubbing making it easier to watch a show - how you don't need to pay such close attention. I certainly know people who won't bother with a movie if it needs subtitles. What percentage of Italian programming is American compared to Italian? Do you have a lot of locally-made programmes?

I fainted when I heard Grissom's voice, so high instead of being a manly voice. Again, I think he received a favor by his dubber.

lol! I had the reverse experience when I watched Buffy with the French audio on. The guy who did Angel's voice made us laugh so hard, he sounded so pompous! It did not fit the view we had of Angel at all, although the woman who did Buffy's voice did a wonderful job - especially with matching the French dialogue to Sarah Gellar's mouth movements! You almost couldn't tell it was dubbed.
What percentage of Italian programming is American compared to Italian? Do you have a lot of locally-made programmes?

We have many many local productions, not so many in the form of TV shows, but as short dramas (a few episodes for a story), a few soap-operas. Now Italian series are incresing, but, you know, they are called 'RIS' (our CSI, forensics drama), Carabinieri (one of our armed city forces), NameOf Hospital (our Grey's anatomy), Pronto Soccorso (our ER)... Or Tv shows that tell of very local realities. The fact is that they are all unrealistic: the good are soooooooo good, the bad are soooooo bad, the quality of acting is mostly low.
We have lovely exceptions, of which I'm proud and that I'm linking to you, but production and money and hurry drive TPTB to make of their worst.
When I was a child it was totally different: high acting quality, very good scripts. *shrugs*

Two links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7Knxar9lS4&feature=PlayList&p=F42801EB1FD84E6F&index=0&playnext=1


The first one is from the most loved Italian series of short dramas about Commissar Montalbano, from Camilleri's novels. The actor is from Rome, but acts with a Sicilian accent to fit the role, and he's the best Italian actor. I couldn't find a good scene where he can really show his skills, sorry. The scene I'm linking is about the commissar who needs to interview a person, but he only finds a girl in love with him.

The second one is a trailer about a series several episodes long, to form a single story, as usual. i liked it a lot, but there were different comments and opinions about it. The actors and actresses are of high quality, though.

Just to reply with facts to your curiosities. ;)

Oh, we're overwhelmed by American TV shows. Good and bad ones. Most of the produced TV shows in America.
wow, thanks for the links! They looked very good - I would watch them if they had subtitles!!! I see Italian police are just as beautiful as American police, eh? ;) The shows look very well made, and well acted (even if I didn't understand what they were saying. Il bene e il male - is that The good and the bad? (the evil?) Anyway, it looks like some quality tv.

We're kind of the same over here - swamped by American stuff. There have been a few successful Australian shows lately. City Homicide - the one Alana works on, Underbelly - about the gang wars in Melbourne (like our 'mafia') - I didn't watch that because I don't like violence, and I don't like the idea of making celebrities out of killers, which this can do.

A lot of Australian content is horrible: Neighbours, Home and Away - bad quality soap operas; or a lot of terrible 'reality' tv. Also game shows. What I hate, too, is when they make Australian TV dramas they seem to hire actors who speak with very strong Australian accents - the kind normally found in the country. We don't all talk like that, it's annoying. Also, our programmes could do with some more diverse casting. We have a lot of other cultures here, but mostly it's only the Greeks or Italians that get hired (aside from the normal white Australian actors). It would be good to see the Turks and Lebanese and more Asians in the mix, just like you see on the street here.
Well, I was talking about acting dramas. Unfortunately we get realities of all sorts, too.

Yes, The good and the evil is the correct English title. I linked you to two different ways of making a good TV show here.

We are new to immigration (and you can't figure how hard it's becoming, with this Government that is planting the germ of racism), so they shily introduced just one or two colored characters, but because the person they hired is popular in Italy as an ex-athlete (Fiona May, jump), not as an actress! Quality, where art thou??
1. I couldn't get past Willow with a tan.
2. Oh yippee! Someone else that thinks Gibbs is a tool. In reality he would be up at a tribunal for bullying in the workplace.
3. CSI: Miami. How does David Caruso get acting jobs? I like the title my friend has given CSI: Miami, CSI: For Dummies.
4. I like John Sheppard just as he is.
5. Love the Harry Potter books. Not a fan of the movies.
6. Sorry, have to disagree with you about Jensen Ackles. He was on GNW and rocked up with a sense of humour. If he had have been a pretentious jerk then all goodness would have been cancelled.
7. Don't watch Doctor Who or Torchwood. All a little cheesy for me.

Back to bed again now. Seeeeeeeeeeeya.
1. I know! It's so WRONG!
2. Absolutely agree, I'm constantly amazed that they don't feel the need to redeem him! He's just an arse!
3. Honey, if you could answer that, you could solve the world's problems, I'm sure. It's one of the big mysteries of the world, like the Marie Celeste.
4. Me too!
5. Interesting!
6. Good to know. I've heard he's quite decent and sensible, which is good. I'm just not into pretty guys.

Are you sick/injured? In bed at this time of day?
Have a virus that's knocked me around. Went to bed on Monday afternoon and that's where the doc has told me to stay (hehehe - mucus brain just typed satay then - mmmmsatay).

Need to get some emails and pricing out to people waiting so have surfaced for an hour just so I can get that done and rest without dreaming of people ringing me demanding things. Thought I'd see what you were up to while I was online :)
Sorry to hear you're sickly! I had a virus a few weeks ago that really knocked me for six. Nasty stuff. Hope it's better quickly.

Heh. Can understand not wanting to dream about that stuff! Get well!