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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 86 & 87

Originally uploaded by rileyo

this is not my photo of the day, but a little gift from Albie, who came to dinner (along with Corey & Sandy) last night. Isn't he a darling? He wrote on the back: "You have a beautiful view of the world. Keep sharing it. You rock. Albie xox" I have great friends. Last night we ate awesome cheeses, had a really yummy stir fry, and that fantasic flourless orange and poppy seed cake, as well as some gluten-free peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies Albie made. I love having friends over for dinner.

Day 86: Power lines & Day 87: my reflection in our eggplant!

I'm feeling really happy today.


You can see how blue the sky is in the eggplant too.
true! i never thought of eggplants as reflective before.