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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 89 & 90

baby gerbera
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Day 90:

One of the things I love about my work is that I get to work a nine-day fortnight, but get paid for ten. Took today off, as I had to work last Friday as my colleague took Thursday, Friday & Monday off. Friday and Monday were so aggravating (due to him changing procedures without telling me and leaving me to cope with everything without the means to do the job) that I decided to take today off so I wouldn't thump him the minute I saw him. I had to go to the bank today, so I went for a walk. Too damn hot for March 31st! Bought Alana a Pirates of the Carribean pez set I saw because who can pass on the opportunity to eat candy from Johnny Depp's neck?

ETA: Why is the apostrophe rule apparently so hard for people to follow??? YOU DO NOT USE APOSTROPHES TO INDICATE A PLURAL. Apostrophes are for contractions, or to indicate possession: Don't = Do not. This is David's car = This is the car that belongs to David. Vege (or, more usually, vegie) is an accepted shortened form of vegetable, therefore, to talk about the plural, vegetables, you would just write 'veges', or 'vegies'. ARGH. People and their willy-nilly insertion of apostrophes!!!

Also, one of these days I'm going to write a ranty old post about why everyone should be forced to study philosphy - or at least critical thinking. ARGH.


I'm guilty of forgetting my apostrophe placement. It's not through not knowing, sometimes it just happens.
But it's more fun seeing other people make a hash of it, so here's some sites that will make you cringe.

Someone should start a homonym abuse blog if it hasn't already been done.
Hey, a typo's one thing, but I am appalled when I see someone has paid a signwriter to throw in apostrophes wherever they felt like. No respect, no care - that's the thing. Everyone accepts mediocrity. I'm supposed to be ashamed of being intelligent.

I'm going to torture myself with those sites tomorrow at work.
Mediocrity pairs well with not taking responsibility for your own actions.
There's one entry on Apostrophe Abuse that had me laughing so hard I fell off my seat... then it made me want to cry. It's about a list of sinners :)

Feeling much better than I was thanks. Doc says it will just take some time. It's a good chance to take things a little easier.
PS: Super jealous of your working rotation setup!
To bring a smile to your dial

PS: Your HP is scaring me.
PS: hope you're feeling better!
The apostrophe thing irks me too. http://www.apostrophe.org.uk/ - hearts in right places, but worst web design team in world evahhhhh.