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Woo! Storm!

I'm gonna go play in the rain!


Storm set off fire alarm at work. Building was evacuated.

Lots of angry, wet students milling outside.
Heh. One of the people on my flist just posted about that! My trousers are soaked because they're too long and they suck up all the water they trail in. :)
Oh, there you are! Defriending me! And then refriending me! I was sitting here, mulling it over, "What have I done? Did I sleep-post something offensive?"
yess i hated you, but then i decided liked you again ;p

its that stupid pop up list thing when you hover over someones icon and i went to click that to go to your page but instead the pop makes me up click defreiend ergh, I've acidentally dont that a few times , added or un added peoples .. grr ;p
How annoying! At least I haven't inadvertently offended you - I always prefer to offend on purpose ;)