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ice queen

Yay for rain!

queen to the right
queen to the left
Originally uploaded by rileyo

This is to the left and right of my building. Ah, Melbourne guttering - never can you cope with actual rain. It was awesome, boys and girls! Thunderbolts & Lightning! Very, very fri... um. Water! \o/

And now I'm wet.


♥ you....lol

♥ you right back!
Tramming home is going to be difficult :(

Now. When are we going to get together? It's been over a year. *distressed*

Hey. How'd it work out with your roommate?
The biggest challenge will be avoiding all the water in the gutters - and not breaking your neck slipping on the tram steps!

I know! It's been aeons. If you're in at the uni lots now, we should maybe meet up for a coffee on Lygon one day, after I knock off work.

Oh, yeah! All is fine, for now. Our ex-flatmate - the one who'd been pushing Alana to move out with her - got rent-free use of her mum's flat on Exhibition St for 6 months, so the whole problem just dissolved. Until after the 6 months, anyway - by which time our lease will be up. I'd still rather stay in this house & share with Alana than find a new place & move, but not having to worry about the rest of the lease is a lot better.
Yes. Agreed to the uni thing. Definitely.

Oh, that's good. No more dramas! I'm glad it all worked out well, even temporarily. Hey, after the six months, Alana may just realise how awesome you are and stay with you.